Beautiful Coincidences

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One thing that is really interesting about my early relationship with Steve is that there are multiple coincidences that makes this an interesting story. Just like a movie.

The first one would be my ex-roommate wedding. I was pretty close to her during college and definitely would love to attend the wedding. However, she is going to hold it overseas, in one city let’s just called the city by K city. Ever since she told me she is going to be married next year in K city, I have already wondered whom I’m going there with because we hardly have any mutual friends. I am going to be alone there. And there he is, Steve. He is born and raised from K city. Well… first off it doesn’t mean that I am going to be together with Steve just because he is from K city. And doesn’t mean if we are together I am going to K city with him too (as he might be too busy). But then if it all happened, it is going to be an interesting story.

The second one would be my house moving. All this time, I told my roommate that we are going to move out of our current place this year. However, since both of us are really lazy and unmotivated, we never set a date on when our moving and have no idea where shall we move. Coincidentally, my high school friend was looking for housemates. So we end up decided to stay together. He found the house and arrange everything that my roommate and I just need to decide whether we want to take the place or not. And guess which place we decide to pick? It is just one block away from Steve’s place.

The third one would be me and my friends’ internal joke. We went on vacation in early January, there are 10 of us. During that trip, 7 of my friends were down with sickness be it nausea, vomiting, splinters, headaches, stomachaches, in the course of 5 days of our trip. There are only 3 people that never get sick during the trip. Me and 2 of my friends. Interestingly, the one that never gets sick are the ones that still single. The rest of them are attached. So we joke about how God probably not giving us boyfriends yet because we are way too strong so He thinks we don’t need one yet. And yeah, guess what? I met Steve when I just showing my first symptoms of sickness and I was hospitalized afterward. Getting sick is something that extremely rare happen to me. And if get together with Steve, it would make a hilarious story. If. I get together with Steve. Which not sure yet.

And the fourth one which the most important among all is this one. What are the chances that you swipe right on someone on tinder that swipes right on you too, has similar values with you, tick your boxes effortlessly, have similar standards, have great chemistry, great banter with you, you have feelings for him and he does to you too? That to me is the greatest coincidence among all and that it is almost magical. Steve told me is like winning a jackpot. And I must agree. Among over 520 matches I had, only this one that able to make me feel this way.

Although all of this is uncertain, some of these signs might never come true after all if end up not together with Steve. But it is alright. It’s the journey that counts. If I do not end up with Steve, it does not change the fact that I met Steve and he is a great guy (as of now) and we did share chemistry. I will take this as a learning life lesson and move on eventually because I believe God has prepared me the most wonderful and amazing love story ever.